Morgan Avera
In-House President

Rose Yan
Out-House President

Noah Ziegler

Mary Montgomery
Activities Chair

Julia Lucci
PR Director

Andriy Nikolayenko
House Manager

Beck Corby

Caleb Longtine

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Ground Zero is comprised completely of students. If you've ever complained about being bored or not being able to meet people, then GZ may be your chance to try something a little different.

The housing process, independent of the housing lottery, is carried out every year to fill the twenty spots on the first floor of Nugent. Out-of-house members pay $10 in dues each semester while in-house members pay $20. However, living in-house means you’ll have access to the basement to use the mixing boards, speakers, and house instruments.

Want to give your input and help out at events? Consider joining GZ. Come to an event and talk to a member! Join the mailing list to keep updated! Or you can attend our weekly general meetings which take place in the first floor lounge of Nugent Hall every Sunday at 8pm.